The AST Realtor Partnership Program

Our Company Helps Houses Sell!

The AST Realtor Partnership Program was developed to help realtors and their clients. It has proven to be a successful venture, and we’re delighted that it has helped realtors make their listings more attractive.

How It Works

If you are a listing realtor who has a client wanting to list their home for sale, AST Roofing & Consulting LLC will inspect their roof free of charge. We will repair anything that needs repair and, if the roof needs replacement, we’ll assist with the insurance claim (if needed) on behalf of your client. Once approved, we will install a new roof. Roof repair comes with a one-year warranty, and new roofs have a 10-year company warranty as well as a 50-year manufacturer warranty. Both are transferrable.

If you are a buyer’s agent, AST Roofing & Consulting LLC offers a comprehensive inspection of the roof before an offer is drafted. The cost is $250 and includes:

A report listing the roof’s condition, life expectancy and age.
An assessment of gutters, ridge caps, flashings and fascia boards.
A report of any nail pops, former repairs completed and leak origins.
Any recommended required maintenance, big or small.
A full assessment report, appropriate to accompany the Offer to Purchase.

Virginia & Maryland Realtor Partnership

If you’re a realtor in Virginia or Maryland, please consider partnering with us for the benefit of your clients. Our service is unique and affordable, and gives both a buyer and a seller an advantage—and peace of mind. With today’s fast-paced market, forming a partnership with AST Roofing & Consulting LLC can put you a step ahead of the competing agencies.