Flat Roofs Require Regular Maintenance

Pitched roofs, regardless of type of material (shingles, concrete, clay, or
slate) require little maintenance as gravity pulls away water and roof
dries after the rain. By contrast flat roofs require regular maintenance.
Several walks and inspections are required each year on flat surfaces to
ensure drains are not clogged and water is draining away from the roof.
Leaves and debris can clog drains and cause water to stand on the
rooftop. This means a leak is waiting to happen and is a recipe for
expensive flat roof repair bill. Fallen tree branches can pierce the
rubber or synthetic membrane and ice and sun rays can cause cracks
over time. AST Roofing Solar Consulting LLC can provide free flat roof
inspections, point out issues of concern and address them before
repairs become necessary and expensive. AST Roofing Solar Consulting
LLC has extensive experience with EPDM, Torch, and TPO roofing
products and has an experienced crew that only deals with flat roofs.
AST Roofing Solar can provide regular maintenance and repairs for all
kinds of flat roofs. Feel free to call us at 703-599-1490 to schedule a
free roof inspection.

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