Roof Inspection; Signs and Cost

1) Get An Annual Check-Up of Your Home’s Roof & Exterior

How often you should a homeowner get his/her roof inspected? AST
Roofing, Solar, & Consulting recommend you get your roof and the
exterior of your property inspected annually at a minimum. Roof
inspection is a free service that AST Roofing offers. Scheduling an
annual roof inspection helps to identify issues early on and helps
prevent small issues like caulking, flashing sealant, or pipe collars from
becoming a costly repair issue. Roof inspection ensures that your roof
is in good health. You should have a roof inspection once a year and
check more often depending on your roof’s age or occurrence of
If you don’t remember the last time that you had a roof inspection, do
so right away. With AST Roofing & Solar, there is no cost for roof
inspection. Preventive maintenance is cost-effective solution and
provides peace of mind for you and your family.

2) If You’ve Never Had an Inspection

Start now. Even if you just bought your house, get a roof inspection
done. AST Roofing & Solar, a Class-A residential contractor can help the
homeowners with preventive and regular maintenance issues. Annual
roof inspections are recommended, and you may need more frequent
inspections if you experience frequent severe weather events. Don’t
postpone inspecting something as important as your roof which
protects your home. A previously repaired roof might appear to have
solved a problem but could still result in roof leaks. Not all leaks are
visible. With a roof inspection, you can give yourself peace of mind with
the assurance that your roof is in good condition to protect your family.

3) When You’re Buying or Selling a Home

Before selling or buying a home, get a roof inspection of the property.
Most buyers and sellers get a home inspection but neglect the roof
inspection in the process. The roof inspection may uncover necessary

repairs like shingle replacement or gutter replacement. A new roof
increases a home’s value. On average, homeowners can expect to
recover at least 60% of the roof’s cost in added home value. In some
cases, a new roof can increase a home’s value enough to recover the
entire cost of the roof. These fixes can make your house more
marketable, provide confidence to buyers and reduce room for
negotiations. Roof inspection may confirm that your roof is in good
condition. Despite what many sellers may say about their roof, having
the inspection and photos to substantiate your claim is another major
selling point for buyers.
For a homebuyer, a property roof inspection provides information
about the current state of the roof and brings awareness of any
pending roof repairs. Often, home warranties will cover repairs to your
home’s exterior within the first year which is all the more reason to get
your roof inspection as soon as possible.

4) After a Big Storm

If your area has experienced hail or high winds chances are that there
may be some damaged shingles or flashing issues that need to be
addressed. Hail can damage shingles and strong winds lift the shingles
and causes them to lose their seal and stickiness which can lead to
leakage. Even if you don't notice visible exterior damage, there may be
loose shingles, missing granules or leaks that could damage your

5) If You Notice Damage

If you notice shingles in your yard or water stains on your roof (or wall, it
is time for a roof inspection. AST Roofing and Solar can look at the
interior water marks and find the corresponding area of the roof that
may be causing the leak and offer solutions.

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