A Distinctive Look for Northern Virginia Homes

A slate roof will increase the value of your home due to its durability and natural beauty. Although higher in price than asphalt shingles, many homeowners opt for this premium roofing material because it can last for a lifetime, while a shingle roof may need to be replaced several times.

Slate is tough, beautiful and requires very little maintenance. Because it doesn’t absorb water, it is not damaged or warped by freezing temperatures and frost. It also resists fire and mold. Best of all, slate is incredibly versatile. It comes in an impressive and appealing range of colors, textures and styles.

Hard slate shingles are the most durable and can last for 75 to 200 years. Soft slate is also weather- and fire-resistant, with a lifespan of 50 to 125 years. Contact AST Roofing, Solar & Consulting LLC about using slate for your roof replacement and we’ll guide you through the options and price points

Slate Roof Repair

Although slate roofs can stand up to extreme weather, they can be damaged by hail and other severe conditions. The skilled technicians at AST Roofing, Solar & Consulting LLC can replace broken slates quickly and correctly. It’s a good idea to call us for a professional roof inspection after a severe storm. If your slate roof has sustained damage, we can usually fix it on the spot.

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