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Your roof is missing a few shingles. Maybe the chimney flashing is loose. These are a few telltale signs that your roof needs some attention from a professional roofing company. Failing to take action on signs of trouble could quickly lead to much bigger problems, like water stains on your ceiling or walls and mold contamination in your attic. Contacting AST Roofing, Solar & Consulting LLC for roof repair today will help you head off more expensive and widespread repairs to your home tomorrow.

Severe Storms, Wear & Tear

Heavy rain, high winds and hail can tear off shingles, bruise shingles and cause other types of damage. In addition, the mere passage of time takes a toll on your roof. A comprehensive inspection by one of our experts will identify any damage that exists. With that information, we can recommend repairs and give you an estimate. By addressing problems at an early stage, you increase the likelihood that your roof can last for a long time.

What If the Damage Is Too Severe?

After inspecting your roof, we’ll give you an honest assessment of its condition. In many cases, roof repairs are sufficient. However, these are signs that a replacement is the best option:

The asphalt shingles on your roof are brittle and cracked, or your gutters are full of granules shed by aging shingles.
The flashing is bent out of shape and the underlayment degraded.
There are many leaks in different areas.
There are widespread algae stains

AST Roofing, Solar & Consulting LLC can also help you file a claim with your insurer to get compensation for damage caused by events covered under your policy. While policies vary, roof damage caused by extreme weather and other acts of nature is usually covered.

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